Project Factsheet

Project title: Flexibilization of complex Ecosystems using Democratic AI based Decision Support and Recommendation Systems at Work

Acronym: FAIRWork

Grant agreement ID: 101069499

Start date: September 1, 2022

End date: August 31, 2025

Funded under: Digital, Industry and Space

Total cost: € 3 496 388,35

EU contribution: € 2 979 375,00

Project description: Hybrid decision making to optimise the production process A hybrid decision-making model takes advantage of both machine and human-centred elements. However, pairing humans with machines can be a challenge. The EU-funded FAIRWork project will deliver a decision support system that integrates digital twins optimising the overall production process according to multiple parameters and democratises decision making allowing workers and machines to participate in decision making. The project combines model-based approaches to transparently design, simulate and improve decision making, co-creation laboratory models and physical experiments as communication media and reliable indication of data and AI algorithms.


Number of partners: 8 participants